Riley Green Shares What He Missed Most About Country Music During Shutdowns

During the iHeartCountry Music Festival, Riley Green opened up about the highs and lows of the past year. While there's no denying it's been a strange and challenging year for everybody, Green hit some exciting milestones in his career over the past several months. Not only did he win best new male artist at the Academy of Country Music Awards in September, he also got to perform his hit song 'I Wish Grandpas Never Died.' He joked that he carries the statue around with him wherever he goes now.

Green also spoke about his experience during the COVID-19 shutdowns, saying it was "scary how quickly I fell into the lifestyle of having nothing to do" while concerts and touring were put on hold. Ultimately, though, Green said the break ended up being "great." One aspect of the new normal Green struggled with, however, was the "virtual world." The 32-year-old revealed he's not "super technically sound" and that he "didn't have Wi-Fi at my house in Alabama so I've to learn how to use a lot of apps."

Despite his lack of tech knowledge, Green shared that he's actually grateful for all the technology that kept him in contact with fans throughout the pandemic. "I'm just happy that we have the technology to be able to stay somewhat in contact with fans," he said. "Even though it's not face to face, I'm still able to play country music [for them]."

As for what Green misses most about the pre-pandemic times? Live shows, no question. "That's why this is so great," he said of the iHeartCountry Music Festival. "It's a chance to play in front of fans again, you know, in some capacity."

Photo: Getty Images