Shoppers Barricade Door To Keep Shoplifters Inside

Thief stealing shirt and running

Photo: Dragos Condrea / iStock / Getty Images

A group of bystanders tried to secure a group of robbers inside a perfume store at a Tennessee outlet mall. Cody and Angela Campbell told Fox News they were shopping at Tanger Outlets in Nashville when four men wearing masks and hoodies started to rob a Perfumania store.

"Another employee went out the back and locked the door, and they kind of just ran out and were like, we're being robbed. We're being robbed," Angela told Fox News host Carley Shimkus.

When the robbers tried to run out the front door, Cody and several other bystanders barricaded the door from the outside and tried to keep the suspects trapped in the store.

"Something kicked in, and I walked down there and started helping him hold the door," Cody said. "I think anybody would do it if they had somebody yelling for help."

The group managed to hold the door shut for about 30 minutes as the robbers tried to break free using a stepladder. When that didn't work, they went to the back of the store and used the stepladder to break through the sheetrock and escape before the police arrived.

"It took 30 minutes, and by that time, the shoplifters were able to break through the sheetrock out the back, and they escaped," Angela explained.

The four men then jumped over a fence behind the mall and got into a car waiting for them about a quarter-mile away.

No arrests have been made, and the police have not commented on the investigation.

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