Elderly Man Rescued After Falling 40 Feet Down A Waterfall

Man at Sahalie Falls, Linn county, Oregon, US.

Photo: Francesco Vaninetti Photo / Moment / Getty Images

A 74-year-old man was rescued after he slipped and fell roughly 40 feet down a waterfall in Oregon. The Sweet Home Fire District said they received an emergency call on Wednesday (June 5) morning that a person had fallen down Sahalie Falls.

When paramedics arrived, the man was being attended to by bystanders.

"Thankfully, he sustained non-life threatening injuries but was unable to walk and extremely cold due to being so close to the falls," the fire district wrote on Facebook.

Because the man could not walk, rescue crews had to conduct a complex operation to pull him up the face of the cliff using ropes. The rescue workers then carried him to the parking lot, a half-mile away.

He was then transported to a nearby highway, where a Life Flight helicopter was waiting to airlift him to the hospital. Officials did not provide any information about the extent of his injuries or his condition.

"We would like to thank our outstanding partners who helped make this a successful outcome. We would also like to take this time and remind all of you to be safe when enjoying the outdoors. Plan ahead and know your limitations to help you stay safe," the fire district said.

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