Repo Man Takes Car From Daycare Center With 7-Day-Old Baby Inside

Black car on a red flat bed tow truck

Photo: Bouillante / E+ / Getty Images

A mother and her seven-day daughter were reunited after her car was taken by a repossession agency. The Evansville Police Department said they received a call from the woman claiming that her car was stolen outside of a daycare center with her child still in the backseat.

The woman told WFIE that she stepped out of her car to drop off her older son at daycare.

"I am a good mom. I was dropping my son off into daycare. It was two seconds," she said, noting that her car was still on when a man from the repossession agency drove away with it.

Sgt. Nick Winsett told WEHT that the repossession agency contacted the department before sending a driver to seize the woman's car. When she called 911, the dispatcher recognized her vehicle and informed her that it was not stolen. Then, officers contacted the repossession agency and told them that a child was in the backseat.

After realizing the baby was in the car, the driver pulled over and flagged down a sheriff's deputy.

The child was unharmed.

Officials said that no charges would be filed against the woman or the repo man who had taken the car, calling the situation a "big mistake."

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